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December 2019

January 2,2020
1) After a few days rain, and 1 year young Jeep water seems to be entering cabin . Usually a sunroof leak or drain tube problem. The water was sloshing around in side the interior between the frame and insulation. Appointment January 8th for diagnosis. Jeep had a classic action lawsuit in 2014 for similar problems before but this Jeep has only 4,350 miles and very very clean sunroof . 

December 11th 2019
Jeep battery died after 1 year. Won’t start , needs jump & battery not holding a charge.
Contacted Stateline Jeep to verify they have the correct battery, which they said they did!
2) They attempted to recharge the battery but after 2 hours it failed and would NOT hold the charge 
3) The battery they told me they had was incorrect model and 1 had to be ordered. The battery vendor was unreachable so they purchased a local battery and warrantied it for the 3 years. All in; day and a half!

Water leaking


When driving the accumulated water shifted to dripping down the front by rear view mirror 

Water water


Lots of water pouring down both sides of the rear interior ​​​​​​​

Leaky sunroof?


Low 4,350