2019 Jeep Cherokee

Buying Process:👊🏻 Galeana Jeep Columbia SC Aug 2018 https://www.galeanasc.com/ We went 80 miles away as we couldn’t find a decent Jeep dealership we wanted to deal with, and at the price we wanted. Galeana was tenacious in getting us what we sought and on delivery day after detailing and two dealer inspections. Not one person caught the obvious fact that the sunroof headliner was not properly working! It was hanging down so when you drive it you can’t see out to the back🤪. Not sure about Jeeps quality control at these dealers but it took a few weeks to get corrected due to lack of service appointments, and 3 additional recalls added later. And we have the Jeep Cherokee only 3 months.🙄

Pros: Mopar products lease out well. We bettered our 1% rule and we got a $38k vehicle for $329 a month New turbo 4 cylinder packs 270 hp, and 295 ft/lbs of torque greater than the heavier larger brother ...Grand Cherokee It’s quick, has great seats, adaptive cruise, blind spot, area awareness, autonomous braking, good radio, great UI, great visibility Apple car play with Waze Nice complaint ride, good for distance driving

Jeep is very popular 


Upon delivery our headliner was damaged needing a week long replacement for parts

Two tone 

Good room . No spare.


~10 speed auto is lackluster. Needs a sport mode like Grand Cherokee. Sloooow to shift
~Brakes are crappy. Stopping Feels like flinstonemobile ~Limited adjustments for steering wheel making it hard for taller people over 5’8 and above to get fully engaged 3 ~Fiat Chrysler recalls in same amount of months Shitty dealer network, and service is sub par.