2018 Dodge Daytona 392 http://Dodge.com

I’ve always loved the strong lines of the Charger and when an opportunity arose to lease 1. I took it, and have no regrets. The Hemi motor being different than the 32V v8 in my past AMG Benz is a blast to drive. Power is stronger above 3000 rpm, and traction is always an issue with these big boats with giant wheels. The real world 0-60 with 485HP is more like 4.5 seconds which is plenty quick , the problem is overwhelming the rubber which is too easy unlike the Tesla , which goes forward at any speed not sideways which happened at times with the big muscle. It will be awesome when Dodge electrifies their car lineup due to their cool body styles, and performance orientation and their Dealer practices need an overhaul or die in the upcoming transparency revolution. The Transmission is quick, and paddle shifters were handy but nothing beats instaneous torque of electric motors. Sorry Dodge, a 450 hp Tesla Model 3 will keep up in street driving with a 800HP Dodge Hellcat redeye, imagine if the Model 3 had 700hp?! Buying Process 👊🏻 Mopar products tend to lease well due to great residuals and you know you have a good deal based on the 1% rule! 1% of MSRP or $51k or whatever MSRP of the car x .01= $510 per month payment, 12k miles per year 36-39 months. Plus Taxes , which vary by state, limited to $500 in My state . Never found a reliable Jeep Dodge dealer , they all feel like the old boy’s club of ancient times. Ford’s Sonic dealerships were more professional , and smoother in execution , and that was 3 years ago. Anyhow , the Dodge Dealer I did do business with http://Kefferjeep.com on 3 vehicles after going to 6 revealed themselves to be just another bunch of dishonorable shitheads!! shady business practices Chrysler Corporate complicit with "bury our dealer’s complaints under the rug POLICY." 50/50 chance of having a great Dealer experience and lots of quality control recalls right after purchase


 Amazing hemi motor 485 HP and 475 ft/lbs torque Very vomfortable interior Very solid ride,awesome 6 piston front, and 4 piston rear brembos Great UI, and Apple car play android auto many different customizable features including launch control heated seats & steering, adaptive cruise was excellent Lane departure blind spot monitoring Agressive and sport adjustable exhaust Huge trunk, Heavy car. Could use lighter frame by 500lbs.

Cons: Heavy chassis and technology adds plenty of weight looks like a police car which can be good and bad
Interior is dated asf, and require some quality love refresh
Gas guzzling Hemi, too loud at times. Mustang quiet mode is a great idea Rattle your brains out on long trip


Very basic interior definitely needs a refresh, maybe 2022!