2018 Grand Cherokee 

2018 Jeep GC High Altityde

Buying Process👊🏻 This is our second Jeep Grand Cherokee in 18 months. We also had a 2016 Overland that was great, and upgraded to this. We test drive all the other competition but hands down the interior comfort, luxury, capability, and drive was way better in the Grand Cherokee. The one thing to note, the eco suspension, not with the towing package upgrade (heavier suspension, transmission cooler, heavier rated towing 6500lbs) is kinda bouncy, and we opted to get the tow package ...which our first Overland didn’t have. We added a tow hitch to the first Jeep but not the same towing capacity as the factory valued option. We shifted out our first Jeep early Due to tremendous benefit of the tow package, and even better technology group, Apple car play. After using 16 months of our 39 month lease, the trade up was a wash at $750 ,which is an amazing residual, meaning we had only $750 negative equity.

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Why the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been number 1 bestseller for a decade?

We looked at the 2018 Kia Sorrento & 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2018 Mazda CX-5, Land Rover Discovery, and while they were nice...their lease payments show how badly the depreciation is early on. The new lighter Land Rover Discovery is a nice upgrade yet I actually prefer the Range Rover Velar but the lease payments get into the high $800-900’s. One may like the Rover lines but I saw no distinct advantage except they are much more rare , and expensive to repair.   Jeep for the Value fun win!

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Jeep Highs:

The Jeep Grand Cherokee itself: 1. Highs: Luxury lines and gorgeous interior with double stitching, and all available safety technology. Adapted cruise control, blind spot, autonomous braking,park assist, tow assist, lane departure , Apple car play and UI is one of the best in its class Comfortable on long trips and off road capable, if needed Suv gives greater viewing visibility and superior all weather safety. Upgraded radio is awesome . Subwoofer gives great bass , and clarity LED headlights illuminate the road well SRT options plus Jeep Trackhawk! 707 Hp what say you.

Jeep Lows:

Cons V6 engine is good but underpowered. Only 260 ft/lbs torque is a little anemic for such a hefty car. 295hp should have at least equal torque . Sport mode is good, and v8 hemi is a heavy gas guzzling option. A turbo engine would be an awesome alternative. gas mileage is 16 -17city and don’t know highway, rarely use it there. Turbo 4 cylinder new for 2019 Jeep Cherokee is great and something similar should be offered for the Grand Cherokee. The baby Cherokee has more torque than the Grand Cherokee. That’s backwards. Dated design Lighter frame Better brakes

Verdict> 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
This was one of my favorite vehicles to drive out of the last 10 I’ve had. BUT I always felt it needed a smoother and stronger motor than the Pentastar. Tesla changed all that, and I will review the Model X to see...


Love the ruggedness of Jeep products . Hope electrification arrives soon!


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