Delivery was confusing...

Pre delivery the sales team and Manager told said we wouldn’t have to pay sales tax (SC has its owner property tax system)then delivery day I had to pay sales tax then maybe not. It was all very odd, and ultimately I just paid the sales tax to get out of there. On a scale of 1-10 that was a 3. Really poor,  and having to email California , and await answers while I am awaiting delivery ...very unprepared!

My 30 day Temporary  license plate was expiring , and after 7 days of emailing and texting with Tesla saying it should have arrived last week , and  yet with no new answers... I headed to the Tesla Showroom. I received a Power of attorney and Odo statement from Tesla that needed notarization the day before but that’s wasn’t very confidence inspiring as the timing was winding down.

After speaking with my Sales advisor , the Assistant Manager got involved. He was able to speak to the Cali DMV team , and get an update that they have everything and I should get my tag transfer official within (3) three weeks , and that its been this is with my plate expiring in 2 days.🤦🏻‍♂️ They say whatever tickets related to expired tag they will reimburse us for but what a process.

Updated - around October 28th finally received i
my registration transfer so 6 weeks start to finish and 2 week past tag expiration. Due to the problems with delivery Tesla generously offered 2 years FREE Unlimited supercharging , which went into effect in November.

So what happened in My Tesla experience?

So while awaiting a Model X refresh update from Elon Musk. I Ordered a Tesla Model 3 Performance on August 30th 2019. The Stealth models were basically $5,000 cheaper than a P3D without the 20” wheels and everything else I did t want from my previous model 3 Performance. I love the 19” wheel so much more comfortable on the streets . I received message a few days later it was being transported but that was inaccurate , and it didn’t arrive  269 miles away till September 8th. Lots of miscommunication , even after delivery ...

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2019 Tesla P3D Stealth

Stealth P3D What is it? Basically, its a Model 3 Performance or P3D without the Plus that was being offered in 2018. From owning an Original P3D Plus or PUP Peformance Upgrade package, the extra $5,000 isnt worth it for me. I already have the Performance pedals $30, red logo kit, and spoiler on order. I waited 6 months, for my Carbon Fiber Spoiler and if I had known it was so small ...would just have bought a $250 one much sooner. My Stealth has the 19" wheels which I prefer and wanted originally as the 20" wheels are easy to curb and bend on a pothole with low profile tires.

12/19/19- Tesla has updated and improved the car so many times in last 3 months with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube all with amazing sound and clarity to watch anytime while not moving in P. The last power bump of 5% brought the 0-60 times down to 2.9 consistently and as of yesterday a $2,000 acceleration boost option is being offered . Currently it’s only on non Performance awd models but has been showing a 3.7 to 60 mph from 4.2 previously. The original advertised speed was 4.5 seconds. 

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