I started out in filling donuts at the age of 15 at a local bakery. Boy those were good but not the 6 am mornings. At age 16, went into real estate brokerage, and marketing with family, was the youngest real estate broker in NYC at 19. Enjoyed real estate renovation, non-performing mortgage acquisition in portfolio quantity from Banks, Freddie Mae, Mac and other FDIC institutions. ​Background in accelerated marketing programs of real estate sales thru public auction of luxury estate homes, commercial real estate in NYC, raw vegan ice cream via Divine Indulgences, Viva Le Purr cattery breeding of exotic shorthairs. Origins to lived destinations: NYC, Chicagoland, Hallandale & Miami Beach. Costa Mesa California, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, San Francisco, Mount Shasta, Berkeley as well as extensive time in London, Cyprus, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Malta, Corfu, Cinque Terre, Paris, Nice, Versailles, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid, Berlin & Athens,

About Gorillatoyz

Hello there... I started this site as I am a voracious consumer of automotive, technology, and cutting edge products that better our lifestyles. I’ve owned Lexus, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissans’s, BMW, Acura, Porsche, 3 Tesla , and the ones more recently listed here . Ever since I was a child I took everything apart trying to discover its inner workings. I didn’t always get them back together. But I am known that if something can survive my natural propensity to use it harder than hard. It’s truly a solid reliable product , and earns the unique GorillaToyz stamp! Technology, can improve many things ,and It is fun to share what I've gleaned from all my experiences buying, and selling.