2018 TESLA model P3D+

~Sporty and 1100 lbs lighter than Model S
~Instantaneous Direct estimated 521 ft-lbs of torque
~Awesome Visibility in all directions with huge windshield, and all glass tinted roof
~Excellent AWD, and track modes for all weather security
~Extremely Energy Efficient, and low cost to drive and charge
~Compliant ride, great steering turn in, and adjustable steering ratio
~Giant Touchscreen which initially I wasn’t sure of but it works great and truly everything you need is there Interface is easy with continuous ota updates that constantly refining it
~Comfortable cabin and very supportive heated seats, no vented option! Needs more bolstering.

Buying Process P3D

October 24, 2018  
Buying Review of Tesla Model 3 P75D

Reservation date ~July 04, 2018. Ability to reserve, and place deposit thru Tesla Portal is easy but the following process ...was not so much.
1) Once order was placed the website stated Sept-November delivery, which changed A few times then September ...then finally October. Model P3D with EAP Obsidian black and white interior
2) September 23- A mass Tesla text was sent to many of us (approximately 13,000) that our cars would be ready for delivery in 2-4 days. No prior contact for 6 weeks or warning. Went by Tesla SC in Charlotte, and they said to just disregard it as erroneous but many did receive their cars related to this message before September 30th Tesla Q3 deadline rush.
No vin yet assigned, which was the most important part of process. Basically , they have a car that matches your configuration.

Spoke To Raleigh SC. Due to the laws of North Carolina , Tesla only had a dealer license (10/18)in Raleigh to handle the paperwork and financing information. **Update 2019 Charlotte Tesla has its Dealer license to execute as a fully functioning auto dealer now.

Sales team couldn’t find the car configured with white interior anywhere . Changed configuration at their recommendation to Solid Black /white interior, deleted Enhanced AutoPilot for the $5000 Performance Upgrade Package , now free on all Performance models as of 10/26/18 Vin assigned October 3rd. Car was in Fremont California. Travel May take 2-3 weeks to arrive cross country in Charlotte, NC.

Simultaneously , Delivery hotline (888) which has been trying to locate a match saw the Vin pop into the system match , and scheduled Delivery for October 25, 2018

Checked in at Tesla Charlotte SC , and on October 10th , only a week later, amazingly my car had arrived from California.

Visited the Tesla showroom but car wasn’t around. It was at bodyshop ?! Curiously stalked Bodyshop 9 miles away, and saw the car and basically the transportation tape was lifting off paint upon removal , and Tesla wanted bumper resprayed. Very minor , car had 23 miles on odometer. Car scheduled to be back at Tesla in 5 days , which ended up being 9 days for something that seemed simple .

Performance Upgrade Brakes

Was Optional on PUP, now standard on Performance Model 3


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Tesla used soft wrapped Transportation covers that were taped and it tended to lift some of the paint. In NC, any dealership repair under $5k need not be disclosed but I happened to catch it before delivery!


~Cabin is nice and simple but not very detailed with any ornate stitching or bespoke quality for the pricepoint
~User Interface is easy to use yet everything is lost in black and white dullness. Google maps is not WAZE.
~Plenty of Streaming Satellite Music but Limited ability to play music on IPhone except Bluetooth music streaming. USB stick option to play music but need to make secondary playlists. NO Apple car Play?!
~No open air sunroof option.

P3D Delivery 

4. Delivery Process - Approximately 7 days prior to delivery. Inside Delivery advisor (IDA) assigned & made contact thru email and telephone. Financing or final payment requested thru Tesla Portal.
Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) uploaded to account 5 days prior to delivery Financing terms thru Tesla autofinance team came thru. Confirmed Tesla Finance acceptance, then IDA stated they would finalize documents. Oddly, this was last contact with that IDA , and seems to be a BIG problem in this process. Horrible communication and feedback. After numerous attempts from myself, Tesla internal , and her supervisor for 5 days the IDA was MIA. 48 hours prior to delivery Our Final down payment balance was sent.

~Contacted Raleigh team , and One person who was solid and reliable thru the process was able to get final documents from a new IDA emailed to us so they could be printed, executed, and returned thru Fedex. Very tight timeline of 1 day to get everything done paperwork wise! Tesla delivery team Charlotte contacted us as they found minor trim damage , and wanted to know if we wished to push delivery while they fix it. Since they will mobile repair the damage , we agreed to accept as is after our inspection , and delivery was moved forward 24 hours to the 24th.

5. DELIVERY DAY: Delivery scheduled for 1 pm. Confirmed documents being received , and final payment also posted to our account. Arrived at appointment time 1pm , checked in , delivery advisor seemed unprepared didn’t come out for 20 minutes , was waiting on final detailing on car, and license plate. Downloaded Tesla app, connected to car , which is used a Tesla Car key and controls. In addition to the (2) TWO rfid cards, they provide 


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No Finance Manager pressure trying to upsell you
No Dealer negotiating, and price is transparent
No extra fees for dealer profit$$ gouging.
Less people involved and no need to undercut each other in dealer competitionService department is very responsive and did mobile trim repair that was damaged and replaced with another damaged trim needing new appointment again


Communication and accountability is weak and vague. Relying on the Tesla portal to communicate, and a few times their internal system information and yours didn’t sync prolonging delivery.
At that time Inability to test drive (2019 test drive of 3's by scheduling)
No Customer service in process of any substance or satisfaction. Many empty claims on telephone.


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