December 2018 -Picked up our 3rd Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude 5.7 Hemi. Much better choice than the V6 Pentastar engine. 390 ft lbs of torque is so much more apropos for these suv’s. Awesome year end lease deal from Lake Norman Jeep After our experience with Keffer and their dishonesty had to keep searching. it went smooth $57,000 MSRP. Deep discounts , and lease under $550 36 months make these a great luxury mid size alternative to almost every underpowered off-road capable suv in the class. The Ranger Rover that we looked at were in $900’s per month due to high prices and massive depreciation! I love the Range Rover’s, especially Velar, and people swear by them and their mechanical issues yet they are nice, and iconic like the G wagon!

After 3 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the last 4 years, we’ve outgrown their bumpy ride and seeking a more comfortable capable SUV. While I love the driving dynamics of Tesla Model X I love the exterior rugged masculine lines of the Jeep. Likely with the new Model X Plaid, a more aggressive design is coming to address these concerns for us.


~Attractive Bodystyle
~Lease well. Good resale
~Off-road Capabilties & Air Suspension
~ Apple Car Play /Android Auto
UI & Rugged
~ Fun great visibility easy to drive. No pothole concerns or poor weather hesitation.


Dated Needs A Lighter Body Refresh
Transmission issue common 4WD problems. Make sure to keep warranty past factory