Tesla Model X review. I am considering a new Tesla Model X, and Tesla was kind enough to loan me it for 2 days to test out. 

Elon Musk recently made some significant improvements to the Model X that make it even more interesting of a choice. 
1) a 10% Improvement in range on the LR models on The S and X to 370, and 325 mile , respectively, which is amazing. (For reference, the Audi E-tron has a range of 200 miles , costs $90,000, approximate same price as the 325 mile range Model X , and does not offer 4.4 0-60 acceleration ...more like 5.5 nor Full self driving!)

2) Increased charged rate by 50% at Super chargers which was a boon on the older batteries in these cars. They can now charge at 150kwh and 200 KWH in the new V3 Tesla SuperCharger.  You can now charge to 90% in 25 minutes and less. At home, I only had 21 miles per hour charging rate vs 31 miles on my Model 3 both with a Nema 14-50.

3) U
pgraded air suspension system : Model S and Model X with fully-adaptive damping, now has an ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway or using Autopilot, and a responsive, exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving.” The Model X I had did NOT  have these changes yet but it hopefully solves a REAL issue with Model X that has plagued it since it Inception. My loaner with only 800 miles ...had this Same issue. The suspension being air is adjustable from ultra low to very high.  If you use anything above low , the right drive shaft creates a slight howl during acceleration, which is quite annoying but does NOT do this on low or ultra low settings. This defeats the purposes of having adjustable suspension and a taller crossover,  since you can’t drive it on the standard setting without this sound issue.  Also, Tesla would just replace the drive shafts when it got too loud rather then solve the original issue.  So wishfully this is resolved on these new suspension updates!

4)New more efficiently fluid wheel bearings and a few new tire designs for certain variants to improve range, ride, and steering.


2019 Tesla Model X 

 ~ Very Comfortable interior. Awesome visibility with glass wrapped bubble like front windshield providing a very different driving experience,  and manufacturing process 
~ Acceleration : Awesome!! More than adequate . Instant electric torque, even on this tank , at 5800 lbs woah, is responsive,  mirrors the Model 3PD in G Force , with not such the intensity but honestly the Model 3 Performance is overkill for daily driving. Compared to My Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 485 HP , this middle model X is faster in every way!  Smoother riding and FUN without all the raucous noise attraction and gas guzzling cost!
~ Plenty of Cargo room to haul things and tow rated to 5,000 lbs but 3,500lbs on the Model X I had due to 22” wheels.
~ The exterior design is polarizing. You either love it or hate it . It was never my favorite but 22” wheels make it a more muscular looking vehicle along with color combination and a body kit. It has grown on me and wa larger tha. Expected barely fitting on my garage due to the width ! My Jeep fits easier which is surprising .
~ The 17” Portrait Infotainment Screen is perfect for this, feels more premium and while not as fast as the Model 3 is faster than the Jaguar Ipace screen
~ Coming from my Model 3, This has an extra stalk on the left of steering wheel,  which is solely for  traffic cos aware cruise(TACC) , and Autopilot . It is kinda close to the windshield wipers. I prefer the Model 3 simplicity without this.
~ Steering is sharp and customizable like the suspension . It is very easy to park yourself!! Also , has self parking but maneuvering it around town is easy as it’s 16 and a half feet long. Only 1” longer than  the 2019 Model S. I did have a Model S and as such it is harder to get into than even my smaller Model 3. The slopepline of the Model S gives you that cockpit feel but I prefer the more open space of The X. Driving an S back to back with an X will show you the extra weight but both are impressively fast.

~ The Model X leases are NOT very good , and it’s due to weak residuals and high money factors due to being niche volume vehicles.  $1380 a month with $7,500 down is $400 a month too much! You are best buying it , as the price is similar and you can choose what that do after 2 years or less without breaking a lease and it’s complexity and cost. Also, you get the tax credit, which you do not on lease ,which is confusing cos the Tesla payment on the lease should be $100 less a month factoring in the tax rebate ! too High!
~ For contrast, My Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT,  MSRP $81,000 , payments $875 per month, 36 months $2,500 down, and  a Jaguar F Pace SVR at $90,000 is $1,020 a month 36 months, $4,000 down. My 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude  at $57,000 MSRP , was only $550 a month $1,000 down 36 months. 10,000 per year. I only have 1,900 mile in 7 months lol 
~ Also, The 22” wheel option is such a premium at $5,500 . I could just get the standard 20” wheels,  buy a lighter aftermarket wheel and tire combo for $3,000. Sell my factory set for $1,500 , and the 22” wheels would be $4,000 bottom line less than Tesla’s. Not insignificant!