Tesla  Sentry Cam

1) Tesla Sentry cam captures hit and run driver.
~My Model 3 was parked in Lowe’s Matthews, and while shoppping I received  a Tesla Sentry alert on my phone. Never seeing that before I ran out to my car only to find the back quarter panel and bumper hit.

2) Eyewitness said the driver drove off🤯🤬.  Some improvements to the Tesla app would be real time viewing like a Ring doorbell . Severity of alert . Easier footage retrieval , and viewing of all the camera simultaneously. 

3) Damage to quarter panel and bumper.  Car repair cost was reasonable at $1210. No parts needed fixed in 7 days max. The car is ceramic coated and the paint from other car wiped right off in the incident . I am a big believe in ceramic coatings and this proved that they do help in minor damage mitigation 

Tesla Repair and Sentry Cam Insurance​ 🦍🦍

1) The Sentry Cam video footage,  police report, and eyewitness were irrefutable proof yet the driver hid for a solid 10 days before admitting guilt. As such, my car was repaired in 8 days and should  have been 5-6 days except for Geico technicalities of needing to approve additional $170 in damage in person , which added 3 days. 

2) State Farm , was the Insurer of the hit and run driver license plate, obtained off the police report. Thank you Tesla Sentry  Cam. The video footage was submitted to State Farm thru email but I would,
 recommend just upload the video to YouTube  it will be faster in getting a resolution ! Full Liability was acknolwgedge by State Farm, and payment of my deductible was returned within 3-4 days 

3) Service King of Matthews North Carolina, did the repair, it was done quickly, and the automated updates of communication were good . The car paint did have minor orange peel in the repaint, and was quickly reconciled . Delivering the car in unfinished quality just lazy. Other than that,  Tesla looks better than new!