Is Ceramic worth it?

In my experience it is 1) helps to mitigate dirt and easier cleaning and resistance to some scratching . I used CeramicPro on my Hellcat and Daytona 392. Detailing by Tim’s Detailing did an amazing job right after I picked up both cars brand new in correcting the paint Tim is extremely meticulous and their work shows. CeramicPro is Definitely the real deal, and goes on your car fax for some added value cos it’s not cheap ...

I have started to explore some of the DIY aftermarket Ceramic Coatings like Adams Polishes. After 2 days of paint correction , which is so extremely important to get the foundation as smooth as possible. I am just a Novice using a Dual action Polisher but Adam’s Polishes Ceramic coating may just not make the Gorillatoyz cut.

  • ​Easier to work with than the first generation but may not be effective or durable as they claim
  • smells bad
  • wear a mask

and UK Quartz 3.0 coming soon