2016 Ford F-150 3.5 Ecobeast

Buying Process:👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
I never drove a pick-up truck, and when the need came up, I drove the GMC Denali, the Silverado, and the Dodge Ram. All had their strong points. The GMC had an awesome ride but dated interior, and lacked any advanced technology , which I desired for cross country driving. When I drove the other vehicles, which were after the F150 ...I actually missed the Ford.  It’s aluminum  body weight saving definitely was noticeable, and it was just easy to drive and also actually fun with amazing visibility and powerful instaneous twin turbo torque coming from performance based little cars.The F-150 doesn’t reach the level of comfort that the Dodge ram offers with air suspension but its suspension otherwise performs as well as any of its competitors’. The ride is composed on smoother surfaces but jittery in our long term road trip.

1. Highs:
  • Execllent leasing program , and resale value.
  • Awesome power 3.5 eco boost 375HP & 470ft lbs torque
  • Huge comfortable Cabin as luxurious as best luxury cars today
  • Tows 13,200 lbs
  • Amazing visibility & good braking
  • Ability to sleep in cabin in rear searing area due to totally flat floor design allowed me to go cross country in 3 days.
  • awesome safety technology and the Ford sync UI , meh not the best but useful
  • decent gas mileage with the 8 speed,  and it was responsive to downshifts,  and now comes with a 10 speed auto.
Just how dominant is Ford’s full-size pick-up? Try these statistics; more than 32 million F-Series have been made to date and on average two are sold every minute. Via Forbes magazine
Great sound system for this cavernous interior. Massive headroom make it difficult to get anything smaller again.
Verdict: 🦍
A pick up truck is the most useful vehicle one can ever own! Its ability to tow, massive cabin, 4wd, bed capacity, modern day comfort, power efficiency is unparalleled till an elenctric equivalent is released.