2016 Volkswagen GTI Autobhan

 Buying Process 👊🏻👊🏻
The VW team was knowledgeable about their products, and its superiority to everything in its class. Traded up from Kia Forte 5 turbo, and 258 ftlbs of torque from 195 , and the VW DSG (Dual Sequential gearbox)were just awesome upgrades. Typical, high pressure dealer franchise motivated buying process.  Leased for $405 per month, 36 months, on $33k sticker after negotiating with 4 dealerships locally. In hindsight, they don’t lease that well.😫

The GTi Itself:
1. Pros

  • Drives better than anything in its class. The turbo four combined with the DSG is fun, and very easy to pass most everything . Low end torque makes stop light acceleration a breeZe . Golf R is GOLD!
  • Real world driving gas consumption is pretty good at 32 mpg highway. 
  • Pure and Simple. It’s a driver’s car. Small , nimble, ample interior space, adequate storage, tolerant ride & handling with great brembo brakes.
  • Higher power assist steering for low speed with super tight turning radius , and more direct road feel at higher speed.
  • Excellent interior finishes, with nice durable luxury seating
  • UI works ok but Audi version is much better.
  • added Apple car play and android auto 
  • spacious for exterior dimensions 
  • Bland exterior needs refreshing
  • Small Infotainment screen 5.8” boring.
  • Germans offer little safety tech without paying premium for each option
  • No garage homelink standard in every car in this class
  • no blind spot monitoring which is needed for the visibility on this rear window
Gorilla verdict👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
Look to buy a 2017-18 and save yourself a solid $8-10k cos these drop pretty hard.  Warranty’s only 3 years , 36,000 miles. Definitely buy extended warranty with these high repair costs. Fun, solid & well built little rocket. Make sure to get tech packages and it’s a keeper till the electric version debuts.