2008 CLK 550 AMG 
These cars are amazingly powerful but maintenance nightmares. The engine is a 32 valve v8 pumping out 382 HP, and 392 ft lbs of sleeper torque. It drives smooth as silk and handles well but the rubber, 18’s could barely keep the traction at any speed.
  • It has massive Low end torque, and realistically did 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, which is crazy that they are 10 years old.
  • Great steering response and supsension
  • Classic bodsytyle
  • Spacious 2 seater rear is just a token thought 
  • Fast transmission shifts

I would not recommmed EVER buying a Mercedes without a bumper to bumper warranty! I had a Mercedes C43 AMG and C36 and they are some of my favorite gas cars , maybe equal to the 1999 BMW M3 in fun to drive aspect.
  • Repair costs and parts are excessively high 
  • Maintance was an ongoing issue from a oil pan leak that was repaired 3 times and still dripped
  • Intermittent electrical fault codes.Very sensitive computer monitoring
  • Small tires and wheels 18" for such massive sleeper power of the time or even today
  • Small trunk and backseat is useless
Verdict: Avoid... unless you find a one owner creampuff ,and still expect you might have nuisance issues with an 11 year old Mercedes.