11/09 Update on Tesla Service
  • Tesla can fix many things mobily. Mobile repair came to us and changed the driver side upper trim that was damaged in transport. Only problem was the 8 foot long part they installed ...was also damaged!!
  • Service addressed this again later at a service appointment I had for something unrelated...
So 555 miles later these are my impressions:
  • Well worth the wait. Response and sportinesss is up there with BMW. Too bad there couldn’t be a strut bar to tighten up the front end further.
  • Driving Range has been truly great, and adjusting to basically one Pedal driving has become natural as the regenerative braking has gotten stronger in last update 
  • Don’t love the interface. Very black, and white austere. Lacks any color distinction , and playing music thru Bluetooth with no integrated phone controls is whack for such an advanced car.
  • Track mode unlocked a few days ago OTA but I really want a Ludicrous like mode as I won’t be tracking much. Mountainpass has been testing the track mode with excellent results. A first for a Tesla product.
  • Odd qwerks - Apple IPhone Tesla key app doesn’t always let me into car quickly. Very disappointing. Driver’s seat adjustment switch not working correctly and seat position saves don’t always work.
  • Remote Summon possibly glitches. Tesla denies that summon caused damage to my car but factually I Know where the car was when I left , and when I came back an hour later. The summon app only works if you are holding the button down and a Tesla says it’s beta but doesn’t take accountability for its feedback and improvement.

~ Regenerative Braking , is Awesome and gotten stronger in last update. Once you learn it it’s as if all cars should drive this way. Also, relatively no brake dust compared to my former Daytona 392 6 piston brembo that needed daily cleaning.
  • ​One of the few USB splitter that works correctly in adding Music, and dash cam usb without taking up the 2 USB ports (fat32 128GB). Find it here: Amazon

12/18- Received key fob. No instructions but looked online and found pairing to be simple just like adding another card but you can do it yourself . It’s nice to have for piece of mind and simplicity but practicality will have to check back with.

  •  Tesla Customer Service has not changed for the better and is pretty whack! Have my car almost 3 months and cannot get anyone to give me a definitive answer on my simple dual motor badge and carbon fiber spoiler that was supposed to come on the car! The service departments said early December now its January. Honestly , most every Tesla employee just talks out of their ass in this company. 
  • Tesla’s Emotional Intelligence is horrible! Might as well be A.I. No clear chain of accountability!
  • 12/27- TESLA customer service issues continue. On October 26th, Elon Musk, reduced the price of The Model 3 Performance by $5,000,  and agreed to refund the owners of said models, which I just picked up my vehicle the prior day.
  • On November 7th, spoke to my Tesla finance representative confirming on telephone, and text, that she sent in my request for the $5,000 , and is turning off Unlimited Supercharging effectively that day, which I personally have no use for. 
  • 3 weeks later (November 27th) just wanted to check on the refund submission and check delivery , and who I can confirm shipping info with. She replied it was done, and in its on the way! LIAR!
  • Started seeing People getting their $5,000 Model 3 refunds. On December 20th 2018, 6 weeks later,   I check with her to see where mine might be. No answer Customer  service , get the run around,  as no one knows who handles it. I get the referral team is handling it , and all innaccurate uselesss answers . Contact Raleigh delivery Manager, send him the emails from the Tesla representative who falsely did not submit anything  for refund, and no longer works at the company. He escalates case, and asks me to use my Tesla portal to get executive attention lol. 24 hours later I get a call about the 3 open cases. This specific refund case is forwarded to correct team , who sends me a canned message confirming loss of Unlimited supercharging, and my address for shipping.
  • Then I received it will take up to another 8 weeks, after I’ve already waited 6 weeks. No consideration of the case facts, just like robots with poor customer service satisfaction and no empathy.
January 7th 2019, ~ TESLA finally delivered on their refund promise of $5,000.  This was the Model 3 Performance upgrade price reduction.

Tesla Refund Check!

  1. January 9th after numerous phone calls and utilizing The Tesla porta...l I still can’t find out where my dual motor badge, and Carbon Fiber Spoiler are.
  2. I now have my TESLA 3 months , and people buying the Model 3P now have the spoiler and badges installed already but those who bought in October don’t get theirs. What a screwy Company!Tesla advertising the Europen Model 3 Performance model 3 with the Spoiler ...and that is just misleading !!
  3. After a few robot messages I received a personalized email stating I could schedule my appointment for my Spoiler and badge.
  4. The day before my appointment I called to confirm they had the Spoiler ...Wait for it....only to find out they don’t have any ! WTH! It might be a few more months
  5. January 23rd 2019 ~Tesla mobile service came to install $10 dual motor badge! Woot woot!🙄